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  • Tips to Pass the CV Test

    Posted by Diane Scally on 26th June 2020

      Recent studies show recruiters are spending between 6 - 30 seconds reading a resume.   These seconds are critical to engage and showcase your potential to the reader, to avoid them losing interest.  With an average of 250 candidates received for each freelance position and up to 1000 for a perm...
  • Recruiting remote workers for contract & interim freelance staff

    Posted by Diane Scally on 12th June 2020

      Freelance / Contractors   Technological advances have enabled business and candidates to carry out and continue their busineses and careers remotely.  The companies benefits associated with hiring flexible remote workers are significant.  From gaining expertise and skillsets for specific projec...
  • Successful ways to recruit and hire remote workers for Permanent & Contract staff

    Posted by Diane Scally on 4th June 2020

      Here at Creative Recruitment we have gathered and compiled insights into our client’s current hiring challenges.  We have collated this information into a short guide to help those of you looking to hire remote permanent and contract staff. Hiring plans Clients are cautious in planning their bu...
  • Creative Recruitment - Virtual Recruitment Survey The Results

    Posted by Diane Scally on 1st June 2020

    The results of Creative Recruitments May 2020 survey in collaboration with McGregor Boyall of over a thousand hirers reveals the lockdown-driven changes in interviewing and onboarding (practices).  The survey invited respondents to compare previous, current and future approaches to virtual/remote...