Creative Recruitment’s Business to Candidate Initiatives – The Job Description


Posted on 6/05/2020 by Diane Scally

Creative Recruitment’s Business to Candidate Initiatives

The Job Description


The global pandemic has transformed society and everyday life, directly impacting clients and candidates.   Here is the first of a list of hiring strategies during and potentially after Covid-19.  The ideas and pointers have come from our Creative Recruitment's Consultants as well as Candidates.  

Clients are planning and hiring talent during the current lockdown to prepare for he growth and business continuation after lockdown.  The job description is now a key aspect of the hiring process and therefore needs to work harder than ever to encourage and target the top talent to apply for their vacancy.  Not only does the job description need to give the candidate an exact outline of the position it needs to convey the companies brand and ethos. 

With interviews taking place over skype or zoom the job description needs to have answered more questions than normal.  It is now more crucial than ever that the job description is not only informative, concise but with no ambiguity surrounding the position, to ensure a seamless and happy hire. 

This is the perfect time to review old job descriptions.  Change the tone and information on your brand to include your Mission Statement to attract the right talent.  

Include your company policy for the lockdown period to clearly explain how the position will be structured for the successful applicant.  What you as a bueinss will put in place to ensure the remote employee is seamless?

Breakdown the first few weeks and months during the social distancing restrictions are in place and the bright future of life outside of lockdown!  Who will be the candidates mentors / line managers, HR contacts etc.  Organise one to one and one to team meetings.

Remember to include in your job description information relating to:

  • Company Culture fit.
  • Brand within the marketplace.
  • The company’s long-term strategy and overall goals and objectives.
  • How this position fits within the company / group. 
  • Career progression.
  • How the candidate will be assessed during and after lockdown. 
  • Company benefits
  • Company Training.
  • Key targets the candidate will need to meet
  • Probationary period (and what this will look like now).