Images uniting Manchester


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Visual images uniting Manchester with the world.

22 people were tragically killed and dozens more injured after a bomb exploded at the Manchester Arena. As we know many of them were children and teenagers. People began posting pictures of bees to show that terror would not disrupt the hard-working city an showing support with Manchester.

Tattoo parlours up and down the country are offering £50 bee tattoos, with all profits going towards the families of the victims of the Manchester Arena attack. The appeal, organised by Stalybridge tattooist Sam Barber, is a fundraising event with each customer paying £50 to get a tattoo of a bee.  Subsequently people in their hundreds have been getting tattoos to show solidarity with the city as well as globally.

The worker bee has long been a symbol of the northern metropolis, building off Manchester’s reputation for factories that were hives of activity during the Industrial Revolution enbodying the "spirit of Mancunian".

Bees adorn the city’s lamp posts, clocks, trash cans and many buildings, even on the Manchester coat of arms.

But the insect has taken on new meaning in the aftermath of Monday’s attack at an Ariana Grande concert, as the city recovers from the sudden eruption of grief.  The image became the defining symbol of hope and strength as Paris.

Manchester City Council has launched the We Love Manchester Emergency Fund, an appeal in partnership with the British Red Cross, to support those affected by the attack and their families.

Previously Facebook users the world over are showing their solidarity with the people of Paris by overlaying the colours of the French flag on their profile pictures.  As well as the Eiffle Tower drawing and Je Suis Paris symbols.

Please donate now to help those bereaved or injured.