Top Ten Freelance Tips


Posted on 25/04/2017 by Daniel Lorenzo

Creative Freelancers - Top Ten Freelance Tips




1. Update, Update and Update

Once you have registered update your Creative Recruitment Consultant to let them know when you are available.  If you are free update us weekly; via email or give us a call do leave a concise message with whoever answers, if you don’t get through to a consultant this is logged and emailed. 

Update your portfolio.  Keep your url fresh with new work.  

At Creative we build a folio on our database for all our Creative freelancers.  This enables us to cherry pick relevant pieces of work to target individual roles.  Make sure that you can send work reasonable sized pdf for email purposes.

Update your CV fairly regularly to keep it fresh and show new areas of expertise and a variety of clients you have worked with. 

2. You’re booked!

Creative will send a formal booking confirmation once the assignment is clarified i.e. dates, rates etc.  We will verbally confirm this to you first then follow up in writing.  We do understand if you have been asked to take the booking as a provisional / pencil and will keep you updated.  If you get offered a booking elsewhere let us know first (if you can) we will try to confirm the booking for you or at least warn the client of your situation.  It gives you a good name and also shows how in demand you are.  . 

3.  Confirmation

Creative will send a formal booking confirmation once the client has confirmed the dates, brief and timescales and rates/overtime (if approved). Please read the information make sure you are happy with the details and that they are accurate.  Call us if there is a query.

4. Time keeping

Make sure you arrive on time, if you are running late ring the client.  Try to be flexible if overtime is needed (within reason).  

5. Guidelines

Adhere to studio systems/set up.  Make sure that your work is stored in the correct format and in the specified drives.  If you are not sure ask. 

6. Radio silence

As a client is paying by the hour/day the golden rule is not to abuse the time by making too many calls, coffee, cigarette breaks.  Sending texts or surfing the internet.  If you need to do this ask or wait till you are on a break.

7. Finished!

If you finish a project/brief let the client know.   Ask around the studio to see if you can help.  Show your skills. 

8. Stay in contact

Make sure you let your Consultant know when you are available for work.  We will text, mobile, email and call you if we have work don’t disappear or the work will go to another freelancer.

9. Fancy Dress

Luckily creative companies have a relaxed dress code.  Unless your exposed to clients or working within a company that has a smart / casual dress code.  We will advise if this is required but luckily rarely!  Jeans and trainers are de rigueur!

10. Stand out from the crowd!

Become a memorable candidate for the right reasons!  A recommendation is a wonderful thing!  Let the client know that you are happy to return and given them an idea of when you are free next.