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2017 A New Career

With April being a time for clients’ headcounts being approved and FD sign off, hiring managers organised. Job specs written.

Work is one of the most important aspects of our lives.  Is it time to refocus on your career and take your next step?  So it is time to take action now. 

2017 is looking very positive amidst fears of global changes Creative Recruitment have seen a 34% increase in Freelance, Contract and Permanent positions across all sectors.  

Here are some tips, the main three being preparation, preparation, preparation.

Firstly, update your CV, Portfolio and or URL.  If you are a creative don't rely on a portal to showcase your work; I find that it can often dilute and lack creativity (which is after all what it is all about!)   

Your CV and portfolio should ideally be in an editable word or pdf format.  Keep your CV concise and informative! A CV should ideally be a maximum of two pages.   It is worth noting that tailoring your CV to a specific role even a minor tweak generally results in more interview successes.

Often the first person to view you CV will not necessarily be the hirer; so give yourself the best chance of an interview!  The format should include personal details, contact details, skill summary, software skills and finally your interests to help personalise the CV.  Career history dates should flow, with any large gaps needing to be accounted for i.e. freelancing (between roles).  List your current and previous client’s key clients, especially those you have worked on giving examples in your portfolio if possible.

Have your reasons for leaving clear in your mind (this will avoid any interview hic-ups).
Find out your exact notice period and mention any holidays booked.
Make sure you are familiar with your company’s competitors to avoid any conflicts. Confidence and clarity in what you are looking for is attractive in a candidate.

Register on Creative's site and if you are suitable for a position be prepared for Creative Consultant to ask you to come in for a meeting to discuss your requirements and to comply with all Employment Laws.  If Creative has a position advertised and you feel it’s you we are more than happy to hear from you.

Interviews ideally can happen very quickly from sending your CV.  Be prepared to take an afternoon off if needed. 

Good luck in your search!